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The Topsy-Turvy Workplace

It looks like its up to the older population to inject some sanity back into the system

| From the Big Quit to ATS (automated tracking systems), there is no doubt that job seeking in today’s workplace is upside down, inside out and, in general, one giant mess. The entire process seems to have come unhinged and we’re thinking that it may be up to the older workforce to stand up, step in, and right the ship.

Some industries are in dire straights with employees telling their employers wholesale to “take this job and shove it.” In spite of employers offering higher wages, hiring bonuses, etc., we’re guessing that employers still are not feeling the love. More than just a hug, some employers need to hear some comforting words from people willing to work.

That’s where older workers come in

With employers being abandoned and still in need of employees, an older applicant may be music to their ears. And it doesn’t take a major shift in mindset or approach to accomplish this.

Among the strongest selling points for older workers is that they are reliable, responsible, committed, dedicated, etc., etc. Need we go on?

Think about it. If you’re an employer who has just experienced a mass exodus of employees, to have someone come in and say, “I take more work seriously. I feel that I have an obligation to my employer to be responsible – to show up on time and put in a whole day’s work” must sound like a Mozart symphony.

After being badgered by flippancy, disregard and abandonment, employers should welcome with open arms any candidate who can honestly portray an air of professionalism and commitment.

Sounds like an older worker, doesn’t it?


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