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The Most Important Job Skills

Interviewers are always on the look out for people with this

➔ What are the most important skills for a job seeker to possess? Good question. The average person will reflexively respond that it varies from job to job, from industry to industry.

There is more than a degree of truth in that.

But what are the most important skills for you to have regardless of the job? What are those skills that are not taught in school – whether it’s high school or the most prestigious MBA program?

Not coincidentally they are skills that mature workers have and that they have honed over the decades.

The inside track

These skills are so important that possessing them will give almost any applicant the inside track in the race for most jobs. Not only are these skills important, they are basic to the success of most any enterprise.

Ask any interviewer, any recruiter, any employer and they all will agree that people skills are paramount in the world of real work. If you could create a chart of the traits of most people who succeed at their jobs, you will find things like diligence, resiliency, reliability, etc., etc. As important as those characteristics may be, people skills likely appear most often on that chart.

Success in business demands that an individual be able to work with people, communicate with people, manage people, etc. Even in the world of the non-profits, people skills are critically important to success.

As you try to sell yourself to a prospective employer, wouldn’t it be wise to stress your strongest selling points? And, as a seasoned applicant, isn’t one of those strong selling points your history and your ability to work with people?


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