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The Long, Hard Road

Fighting ageism: At what price glory?

➔ Virtually all job seekers experience rejection at some point in time during their job searches. Why? The reasons are many and varied. And, yes, not the least of which may be age discrimination.

And, yes, if you feel that you have been discriminated against, you can sue. But let’s be honest. Even if you’re successful, that’s going to take a long time and will probably cost you a lot of money. (Yes, most – if not all of your costs would be recouped in any settlement. But that will take a while and it won’t put food on your table today.)

Which is a major consideration. You may have a great discrimination case against an employer but that’s not going to pay the rent or buy the groceries today. And, you still don’t have a job.

Think the whole situation through

Don’t misunderstand. We’re not saying that, in cases of discrimination, legal remedies shouldn’t be pursued, but the reality is that the wheels of justice turn slowly and we can still hear your stomach growling.

Back to the matter at hand. You need to find a job – preferably sooner rather than later. What can help make that happen?

Before going into an interview – as a 50+ year old job seeker – have you ever thought that there was a good chance that you wouldn’t be hired because of your age? In this day and age, you might think that. And you wouldn’t be totally unjustified in thinking that. And that, of course, is precisely the attitude that you don’t want to take with you into an interview.

When a hitter in baseball is in a slump, does he go up to bat thinking “I want to get a hit!” or does he approach it with the mindset that “I don’t want to make an out”? A successful hitter will be thinking about getting a hit.

Why would a job interview be any different? If you go into your interview thinking that you probably won’t get hired because of your age, you probably won’t get hired – but not because of your age. Whereas, when enter the room full of confidence, secure in the knowledge that you can do this job and this employer would be making an excellent choice in hiring you, you have greatly increased the likelihood of landing that spot.

Call it mind over matter. Call it a positive attitude. Call it whatever you wish. Thinking of being rejected – for age or any other reason – can become a self-fulfilling propehcy. But, exuding confidence also can help predict your future.


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