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As if automated tracking systems (ATS) weren’t bad enough.

We spoke with a job placement professional lately who share this word of warning. Some electronic job application will “auto-populate” fields once they recognize your name. (Note: there are many online enrollment forms that do the same thing. It’s not anything unique to online job applications.)

While that may be convenient and save time when you’re completing the form, you need to double-check the forms before you submit. Sometimes they don’t populate in the same order leaving you submitting incorrect data in certains fields. (i.e. Entering your phone number where your ZIP code should be.)

Imagine the impression you’ll make on the prospective employer who sees – or, to whom it appears – that you are incapable of completing a relatively simple online form.

Especially when submitting an online job application, but anytime you submit something online where the software auto-populates your information, be certain to double check that the right information is located in the appropriate field. It could be important.


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