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Talent in Demand

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The Great Resignation creates opportunities… of all kinds

➔ You’re over 50. You’re in a job search that you never thought you’d have to endure again. You really want to find that perfect employer, but you’re getting a lot of pushback.

You would prefer not to work for a non-profit because you’ve heard that they don’t pay well. (That may, or may not be true. You might want to check that out.) And you’re leery of starting your own business. (It can be a scary proposition.)

And now, just as you think you’re running out of options, a bright light appears on the horizon.

Job Openings are on the Rise

The Great Resignation – or The Big Quit, as some have called it – has left many companies with openings that, for a variety of reasons, they are unable to fill. But guess what. The work that those employees had been doing still needs to get done… and you might be just the person to do it!

It’s not a new concept, but many job seekers often overlook the possibility of working for a temporary services firm. Contrary to what some believe, working as a temp is not a demotion or a sign of weakness.

There are many people who work as temps by choice. They like having the ability to work for a month (or a few months) and then taking some time off. They also like the variety that working in different environments affords.

For the older job seeker, the advantages are many. First, there is the obvious financial plus of having revenue coming in the door. Second, you have employment. You’re active. You’re engaged. You can demonstrate that you bring value to an organization. Then there is the possibility of adding to your portfolio or work history. Also, you’re making contacts; networking; always on the lookout for interesting companies and opportunities.

All this and you still have the option to say “No” if the assignment doesn’t appeal to you.

What’s more, some temporary agencies offer benefits including health care plans. Then again, you don’t have to work for a temporary help agency. You may be able to scare up temporary assignments on your own and maintain your complete independence.

Last, but not least, you may be at the top of the list when it comes to a new hire. Some temporary assignments have been know to develop into full-time gigs.


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