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Sure. I Can Do That!

You just have to set your mind to it

➔ It’s good to have goals. Of course, as a job seeker, you’re number one goal is to land that next position. In the meantime, most psychologists will tell you that it’s good for your outlook, your disposition, etc. to have intermediary goals that can provide you with an on-going sense of accomplishment.

If you can break down your job search into more manageable and more achievable targets, you’ll feel better about yourself and your job search as you check off your short-term objectives.

Built-in success

With personal branding playing a more and more critical role in the job search, building some goals and/or objectives around that will not only make you feel better about yourself, but also it may help inch you ever closer to that next position.

For example, make sure that you read for 30 minutes each day. (It could actually be more or less. The 30-minute mark is just an example.) While pleasure reading is precisely that, reading that will aid your search is a very attainable goal. Not to be self-serving, but reading things like the Nifty50s will provide insights and valuable advice for your job search.

Maybe your goals could include meeting a certain number of new people each week; or, attending at least one networking event each week. Perhaps you could join one new group per week (i.e. job club, networking group, professional group, MeetUp group, etc.)

If you have a target list of companies, your goal could be to establish direct contact with someone at one (or more) target company each week. The same would hold true for sending a certain number of cover letters, or distributing a target number of resumes each week.

Without ever losing sight of the brass ring of landing a new job, being successful at achieving more modest, more attainable intermediate goals will go a long to providing you with a sense of accomplishment as well as moving you closer to grabbing that brass ring.


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