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Shifting Gears

There is a season. Turn. Turn. Turn.

Traditionally Labor Day marks the end of summer and changes in many peoples minds as well as changes in how companies and organizations conduct their businesses.

While the summer months can be somewhat laid back with many people taking vacations and companies cutting back on the speed and/or volume of work. It happens everywhere and it happens in a lot of different ways.

So wouldn’t it stand to reason that your approach to your job search take a turn as well?

Job seeking in a different mode

If you’ve been conscientious and dedicated you’ve been keeping busy on your job search throughout the summer months. Maybe the number of interviews has declined. Maybe the number of job postings has dropped and, correspondingly, maybe the number of resumes etc. you’ve sent out has fallen as well.

Despite the summer slow down, there is still a lot to do in a job search. Reaching out to existing contacts and making new ones; doing background research on companies and markets – those kinds of activities never take vacations.

All that considered, with onset of fall, individuals, companies and organizations all start to rev up. Not surprisingly this includes posting new positions and actually making new hires. There’s some good news.

But you can ramp up as well. Many professional societies are getting back to regular programming – an excellent source of contacts and industry news. With more people back in the office on a more regular basis, there are more people for you contact and meet with.

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or the end-of-year holiday season, the diligent job seeker optimizes the time available and acts accordingly.


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