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Secret Agents

Someone undercover can find hidden treasures

➔ You’ve probably heard that many jobs are never listed for public consumption. No ads. No job boards. Not on LinkedIn. Nowhere. Estimates vary from 70-80 percent of jobs never appear anywhere.

So how do job seekers – especially older job seekers – find these hidden gems?

Know somebody who knows somebody

You don’t have to be a spy or secret agent or James Bond to find these openings. But you do need to know the right people who can open the right doors for you.

And who are these super sleuths? Recruiters, that’s who. Think about it. A good recruiter not only knows which positions are out there for public consumption, but they generally know the inner workings of the organization. A good recruiter can be your gateway to the entire organization. It’s not unusual for them to be aware of what’s going on in multiple departments. They may even know things that the HR department aren’t aware of.

Through their contacts throughout the organization, they’re aware of plans for expansion as well as pending personnel changes. (i.e. They may know when the employer is planning on letting someone go and that a job will need to be filled in the near future.)

Regardless of the reason, they may know of something in that 70-80 percent and may be able to get you on the inside track even before HR knows.

It all goes back to a form of networking and knowing the right people. They may be working on your behalf and you might not even know it.

A good recruiter can be a great contact – upfront or otherwise.


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