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Catching up on Your Job Search

➔ If you haven't job searched in a while, there are probably several things you can do that you might find beneficial. The good news is that they are relatively simple; will cost little, if any, money; and have the potential to escalate your search and help you find the promised land.

So much has changed in the job search world over the past couple of decades, doesn’t it seem likely that your industry may have changed considerably without you necessarily being aware of it? You might want to spend a few minutes to double check your job and/or industry keywords. They may have changed. At the very least, you should probably confirm that they are what you think they are. If you need assistance, a website such as JobScan may help.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks

Let’s face it. Not working full time, you’ve got some time on your hands. It would behoove you to spend that time wisely.

This is an excellent time to attend seminars (or webinars) to catch up on what’s the latest and greatest, and what’s trending in your job function or industry. Not only will you learn something, anything new to which you’re exposed will give you something to talk about during job interviews, and will minimize the chances of you showing the deer-in-the-headlights-look when your interviewer mentions something new.

With the Covid-clatch starting to loosen up, there are more and more networking opportunities arising. As a job seeker, first, you need to meet new people; second, you need to begin building new relationships with working people; and third, you need to get out of the house.

There is so much to learn about today’s workplace – and your place in it – but there is only so much you can learn on the internet. You may need to venture out and visit your neighborhood public library. To take full advantage of what your library has to offer, you need to get a library card (if you don’t already have one.) There are mountains of reference data that you can only access on site at the library, and your library card can unlock those treasures for you.

While these are not all-day, every-day activities, they are worthwhile exercises around which you can schedule your time.


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