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Ready for Your Close Up?

Technology has opened many doors for the job seeker

➔ Everyone talks so much about how technology has impacted the job-seeking process. From LinkedIn to ATS to job boards and beyond, technology has inserted itself directly into the middle of everyone’s job search – regardless of age.

One very interesting technological aspect of the job search that has become commonplace is the video interview. Employers have been doing video interviews for some time before the pandemic but over the past two-plus years the practice has skyrocketed.

How can this benefit your search?

One thing that we’ve learned from all of this is that there is a lot to learn about how to conduct a successful job interview online. Just learning some of the basic ins and outs of dealing with Zoom can be a challenge for many job seekers – especially for the older job seekers who have not become comfortable with new technology.

There is so much to consider with Zoom. What is your background? How is the lighting in your interview room? Where are your pets during the interview? What about noises from outside your room, your dwelling? Is your neighbor’s lawn being mowed in the middle of your interview?

Many of those things can be controlled, but some cannot.

And there is the whole concept of becoming comfortable with not just the technology, but with the entire concept of meeting with someone remotely. And not just any meeting. Online job interviews have the capability of having a significant impact on your life for years to come.

You want to make sure you get it right. And you want to make sure you get right the first time.

So why not practice? Do you have a friend, a colleague, your job-search buddy (buddies) with whom you can practice an online interview? Not only can you do a mock interview – it only needs to last 10-15 minutes – with Zoom (as with most of the other competitors) you can record the interview so that you can review and self-critique. (Of course, you should be ready to reciprocate as well when appropriate.)

What could be better than to see yourself in action? How better to polish your appearance, your presentation, your composure,

It’s time to take advantage of all that technology has to offer – even if it’s only make believe.


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