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Some random observations, thoughts and comments about your job search

| As the headline suggests, the following is a random collection of some observations, thoughts and comments we’ve encountered of late that we felt might benefit the older job seeker.

The first 24 hours. Let’s start with an ominous circumstance we heard the other day. A company posted a job opening and received more than 300 submissions within the first 24 hours. They say it’s a “hot” job market. That may be true, but it’s also a competitive one as well.

Check please. You have a meeting with a networking contact at a coffee shop. Who picks up the tab? Generally it’s assumed that the person who asked for the meeting pays. Recognizing that being unemployed money may be tight, but there are expenses associated with a job search. And this is one of them.

Options. One encouraging fact concerning older job seekers today is that there are many avenues open to you. We recently heard of a job seeker who bought into a franchise which required little “hands-on” management which enabled him to continue his job search.

Recruiters. One recruiter we know mentioned that he felt that the best recruiting firms were the smaller, boutique firms which were able to focus on an industry, job function (i.e. HR) or a localized geographic area.

A final note. Another recruiter friend observed recently: "I don't know of anyone with 20+ years of experience who wanted a job who didn't get one."

And there, are your marching orders.


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