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We all think we’re special, however…

➔ Our mothers and elementary school teachers always seemed to make a point of referring to us as “special.” Naturally, it’s not surprising that we grew up thinking that we, in fact, were pretty “special.”

Unfortunately, the rest of the world – and employers (and recruiters, in particular – haven’t always shared that opinion.

What makes you so special?

Long after the realization dawns on us that, not only are we not “special,” we’re pretty much like everyone else. In the workplace, however, the more you can stand out from the crowd and make yourself more memorable, the more likely it is that you’ll be successful.

But does that translate into being “special”? Maybe. Maybe not.

Even in the humdrum world of everyday living, we still have and/or need special considerations – even in the workplace. The problem is cementing those considerations beyond the job interview.

Many of us as we are negotiating with a new prospective employer, ask for one type of special consideration or another. Some of us need flexible days or times to care for a family member. Some of us need to cluster vacation time during the summer months to conform with children being out of school. Some of us even have outside interests which require us to be somewhere at a particular point in time.

Depending on the job, the company, etc., it’s not unusual for employers to accede to those kinds of special requests. Unfortunately for the job seeker, sometimes that isn’t enough.

If your future boss or interviewer agrees to your request during your negotiations, that may not hold up. If that individual is promoted or leaves the company, your agreement may disappear as well and that person’s replacement may not be as accommodating.

Most job offers put the basics in writing: salary, benefits, perquisites, etc. Special requests – not so much. So, if that special request is that important to you, you need to be certain to have those terms specified in writing, in the job offer.

As the saying goes, if it ain’t in writing, it ain’t.


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