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New Recruiters

What ‘exactly’ are they trying to do

➔ As you struggle through the morass known as the modern-day job search, you’re most likely in search of whatever person, place or thing that would have the possibility of lightening your load. The corporate recruiter should in all probability be included on that list.

In many cases the corporate recruiter is the first person with whom you will have contact within the organization. Likewise, the corporate recruiter could be the first person with the power to reject us.

Knowledge is power

What magical powers do corporate recruiters possess? For one thing, they know as well as anyone what the hiring manager is seeking making them the first gatekeeper you encounter as you enter into their corporate kingdom. They are your first test to determine whether or not you have the skills, talents, characteristics, qualities, etc., to qualify for additional consideration.

All of this makes them your best friends inside the organization.

Consider this: if they (or the hiring manager) don’t feel that your application is up to the task for the position in question, they’ll know you won’t match, but – and here is a very important factor – they’ll know you and your strengths better than anyone else on the inside. And as the corporate recruiter, they will know if there are any other positions open (or about to open) for which you might be an ideal match.

Of course, private recruiters will be in much the same position. Their knowledge and insight may not have the breath and depth of someone on the inside, but they do possess a treasure trove of information about that company. What’s more, they have a vested interest in finding you a position with that employer, or someone else.

It’s always of great importance to know who your friends are – especially in a job search. And recruiters can be your best friends – inside or out.


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