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Never Say Never

Even if you don’t want the job, never turn down an interview

➔ As you traverse through your job search, no doubt you’ll uncover many, many jobs. Some may be just what you want and you pursue those as if there was no tomorrow. As well you should.

There are other job opportunities that, shall we say, are less than desirable. And that’s OK too.

Every cloud has some silver lining

Some of those less desirable jobs may have employers who want to interview you. Even though you may not have any intention whatsoever of taking that job, it’s still a good idea to go on the interview.

Why? Because practice makes perfect, that’s why. Using these job interviews where you have little or no interest in actually accepting the job are great opportunities to hone your interview skills.

Let’s face it. Interviewing for a job is not something you do on a regular basis so any chance to practice this skill – and it is a skill – can’t be a bad thing. What’s there to pratice? A lot.

For starters, just how you present yourself and carry yourself are things to be taken for granted. How you interact with your interviewer – body language, eye contact, etc. – is something else. Testing to see which interview questions you receive and how you answer them are important as are the questions you ask.

And all the while you’re constantly monitoring the situation – especially how your interviewer responds to your actions.

In the end, this is a good experience on which to critique yourself so that your performance will be better next time – when it really matters.


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