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Networking at Level 3

All the experts preach the importance of networking… ×3

➔ Most job search advice – and this holds true for all age groups – will stress the importance of networking. According to LinkedIn, 85 percent of all jobs are filled as a result of – in one sense or another – networking.

It would appear that it is pretty important.

The advantage of age

This is good news for the 50+ job seeker. The older you are, the more you’ve been around, the more people you’ve been around, the wider your network is… all of which translates into a major advantage for you.

In today’s job search world, networking can take several forms.

First, there is the conventional networking event. Masses of business people gather at some venue (usually a watering hole of some sort) for a cash bar and complimentary (or very inexpensive) snacks. “Bring plenty of business cards,” many advise. At this point, it should go without saying that, even though you’re out of work, you can still have a business card with your particulars on it: name, position (past or seeking), phone, email and LinkedIn URL.

A subset of that experience is the job search group. This is a gathering of job seekers who meet regularly to share advice, opportunities, etc. Some groups even have speakers. As for refreshments, don’t think you’re going to get a meal on the quick. You’ll be lucky to get a cup of coffee.

Second, there is much more personal one-on-one networking. This will include your informational interviews as well as your meet ups for breakfast, coffee, or lunch with those you know who may know…

Third, there is the 21st Century networking – online. This can take several forms. The most popular is working LinkedIn for people, companies, people at companies, people you know, etc. Not only may you not make personal contact with them, it’s very possible that you may never actually speak to them either.

This is all good news for the older job seeker. The importance of networking and the many faces it assumes.

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