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Continuity is key in a job search

➔ Ask any communications professional and they’ll tell you that one of the keys to a successful and effective communications campaign is continuity of message. Even though some of the wording may change, the core message is always the same.

The exact same concept easily can be applied to your job search. To the extreme, you can’t be an engineer one day and an accountant the next.

Platforms & channels

This is especially true in today’s ever-complex and evolving workplace. A plain and simple resume just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

You’ve probably heard this before, but the big game changer in the today’s world of job seeking is LinkedIn. It’s a very powerful tool and one that is used increasingly by recruiters, HR, and other job search professionals. Some pros estimate that they use it in as much as 90 percent of their placements.

Therefore should it be any surprise that, at the very least, your resume and LinkedIn profile should be in sync? As we alluded to earlier, this does not mean that they have to be word-for-word identical. But the consistency has to be there. A recruiter should be able to review your resume and look at your LinkedIn profile and know in an instant, and have no doubt whatsoever that this candidate is one and the same person.

This should be one of those job search truisms. Regardless of the application, consistency is one of the major keys to a successful job search.


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