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Match Game

Finding connections between you and the job

➔ When we say “match game,” we’re not summoning the ghost of Gene Rayburn and the 70's show you see in reruns on Game Show Network. Oh no. We’re still talking job search.

You will greatly enhance your chances of landing a job if you can create as many correlations between you and the job in question. Or, more specifically, we’re talking connections between you and the job description.

More times than not, you will find buried in the job description key functions and responsibilities for that particular job. Also, more times than not, it’s those key phrases which will surface during the interview as pivotal questions. When you decipher those keys, you can prepare your answers for the interview which will separate you from the job search crowd.

There for the taking

If you do a careful read of the job description, you will see all (or at least, most) of the qualifications for the job. “Must have three-to-five years experience.” At your age, that should be an easy box to check. “Why yes. I do have considerably more than three-to-five years experience. In fact, I have (number larger than five) years experience.

That’s an obvious an answer. There are other hidden gems in that job description for you to master which, as we said, may be the source of key interview questions which you can now prepare for.

Here are some examples taken directly from some job descriptions courtesy of our friends at “defines all workflows,” “provides regular status reports,” “manages timelines.”

If you can demonstrate experience or expertise at any these types of things found in a job description, you’re on your way. As a recruiter friend stated recently, “It's a matching game."


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