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Making Your Job Easier

Seeking help in your job search is not a sign of weakness Of course everyone needs help in a job search. And fortunately, help abounds. Reading this (we hope) is a help. There are other websites that offer help. There are people whose help is critical to a successful job search.

Certainly all your networking contacts help. As do, colleagues, former co-workers, family members, friends, recruiters, job search groups, and even the government has been known to help on rare occasions. But let’s take a look at recruiters. First and foremost, recruiters can steer you toward jobs where you might have a good chance of being successful. Second, recruiters can help prepare you for the job market with resume and LinkedIn assistance, networking, etc. A critical service provided by recruiters is sometimes overlooked however. A good recruiter will offer this assistance, but even if it’s not forthcoming, you, the job seeker, should be asking these questions. In most cases, when recruiters arrange an interview for you, they already know the company, the job and, quite possibly, even the person with whom you will be interviewing. If you’re conscientious, you can find out a lot about the company and the job. But, you most likely will not know the interviewer. Here’s where your recruiter can help. Sometimes they can give you insights as to the type of candidate the company is seeking and how you can position yourself to fit that mold. They may be able to help you strategize as how to overcome objections as well as how to overcome other candidates strengths. If you’re working with a recruiter make certain that you can draw all the information possible from your recruiter as well as others within the recruiting firm. In a job search, any leg up is a plus.


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