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Left at the Altar

Job-search ghosting is rising across the board

➔ No one likes to be ignored. This is especially true when you’re deep in a job search.

Unfortunately, in the age of ATS, ignoring applicants is the norm. Job seekers submit their resumes or applications to an Automated Tracking System never to hear a word back – some don’t even acknowledge that your submission was received. Sheesh!

The deeper your dive into the application process, the worse being ghosted is. Some applicants experience an initial screen by phone – and then, nothing. Some don’t even hear back after an in-person interview. That’s just unprofessional and rude. But there’s not much you can do.

Don’t take it personally

As distasteful as it may be, you can’t take it personally. It’s not you. They probably treat everyone that way. Job-search related ghosting is on the rise and, to some degree or another, it’s probably here to stay.

The blame is not yours to bear. Don’t be discouraged if they don’t get back to you. Just ask yourself this: are these the types of people for whom you want to work? Don’t be afraid to walk away. We’ve already stated that it’s unprofessional. What more can you expect?

There is another element in your favor. That job you were seeking may never been in play in the first place. Although it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s also not unusual for an employer to identify an internal candidate for a particular position, but to go ahead and post the job publicly (most likely through a jobs board) anyway.

Why? They tend to do that because they “have to.” It could be a legal requirement or just a show of good faith (which really isn’t “good faith” when you think about it.)

But they’ve checked all the boxes, so to speak. Having done so, they’re now free to offer that job to their pre-determined internal candidate – which is who they wanted all along.

And you, and everyone who applied for that job, are left out in the cold.


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