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Keep the Change

The only thing that never changes… is change

The only thing that never changes is that there always will be change. How true.

As an older job seeker, you’ve been inundated with change. Changes in the workforce. Changes in the workplace. Changes in the hiring process. And the workplace is experiencing some of the most dramatic changes in decades. And the changes just keep on comin’.

The latest topic of change is how will the workforce change in the post-Covid world. How important will be having people on staff who can handle the inevitable changes that are looming?

Fortunately for the older job seeker, the answer to that question is easy: “Been there. Done that.”

Older workers have experienced changes throughout their careers. Most have proven that they can tackle, overcome and deal with change. No matter how great, how small, how invasive – virtually every 50+ worker has been there and done that.

As employers struggle with the changes that are sure to come and how they will have to deal with them, their comfort zones can be expanded knowing that there are people within their organizations who have proven that they can handle it. What a selling point to stress in your next job interview.

Mr. Employer. You and I both know that there are changes in the offing and the strength (and possibly even the survival) of your company will be affected by those changes. Throughout my working life, I have faced numerous changes on numerous occasions and have – not only survived – but have flourished and endured. And now I can do the same for you.

Having experienced the turmoil of change may be the most important experience that you have to offer.


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