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Job Seeking During the Holidays

No rest for the wicked

➔ The holidays used to mean time off, time to kick back through the end of the year, the office party, your year-end bonus. Not any more.

Just because your colleagues may be lightening up that doesn’t mean that you should put your job search on hold. In fact, there may be benefits to keep pushing.

You Risk Losing Your Momentum

Whatever your job search schedule or routine, stay at it. Don’t let up. There are still people in the office to contact. There are still target companies to investigate. If you take your eye off the ball, you may find it difficult to gear back up again come January.

What’s the most potent tool in your job search arsenal? Networking, of course. And what will be prevalent during the next month? Holiday parties. That’s to say: networking opportunities with business groups as well as touching base with colleagues and friends.

Of course things may slow down and you may have some down time. But it’s in your best interest to put that time to good use. It’s a great time and opportunity to enhance your online presence; update your LinkedIn profile; optimize your resume and strengthen your social media presence.

When you stay active and committed to your job search, you actually can outdistance the competition. For those job seekers who put their job searches on hold during the holidays, they run the risk of losing the inside edge to those who keep pushing – like you.

Remember, the holiday season is not a time to put your job search on hold. By keeping your activity level high and maintaining a proactive approach, you can greatly increase your chances of finding a new job – maybe even before the year ends.


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