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It’s That Time of Year

There is no rest for the wicked job seeker

➔ Despite what the calendar says, this is not the time for your job search to take a vacation. Although other people may be making holiday-related demands on your time, you still have a lot to do during this season on your job search.

Truth be told, time spent on your job search should never take a vacation. Your focus at this time of year may be just a little bit different, but there is still a lot to do and this is a great time to do it.

Let’s look at this from all angles

This year in particular some recruiters are saying that, although this year has been pretty strong, things are beginning to slow down somewhat. Don’t let that fool you. Even though job search activity may be down, there is still good for you.

Think about it. If the job search activity has mellowed, that means the recruiters, the hiring managers, the HR staff all should have more time on their hands. Meaning, when you reach out to them, they’re more likely to be available to take your calls, to have meetings with you, to re-visit your resume and/or application. To give you a second look.

In addition, this is the time of year when employers are finalizing their 2023 budgets and they’ll be in a much better position to know what hiring activity on which they can move forward for the new year. Given the timing, this should put you at the top-of-mind awareness chart with everyone you’ve contacted over the course of your job search.

In reality, November and December typically are a great time to circle back and reach out to all the people with whom you’ve been in contact over the past few months. True, as we get into mid-late December some people are taking unused vacation time, but not everyone will be gone and most of those people will still be around in November.

You can strike while the iron is hot and there is someone sitting in the office at which to aim.


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