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It’s Not for Everybody

Job seekers have many options from which to choose

➔ It’s hard to believe that there is any good news for an older job seeker in today’s job market. But there is.

One of the advantages of being older and looking for a job today is that you have many, many choices. We’re not talking about choices from among individual jobs. We’re talking about the many avenues for you to pursue.

Having the luxury of being choosy

Previously, an older job seeker’s options were relatively few. Your choices were pretty much big companies, small companies or maybe a non-profit. Today, you can pursue Door #1, Door #2, Door #3, etc.

The same tried and true are still there of course. Depending on your geography (which, of course, is less of an issue today with onset of remote work,) there are still large companies and small companies as well as non-profit organizations. By the way, many non-profits eagerly welcome older applicants. They very much want to take advantage of your experience and expertise.

In addition, there are many more start ups today than in years past. According to, the number of start-up companies more than doubled between 2011 and 2021 when 5.39 million new businesses open their doors. This doesn’t preclude you from becoming an entrepreneur yourself; or, starting your consulting business.

The caveat is: It’s not for everybody. Not everyone has the personality, the temperament, the drive, etc. to take that plunge. But, never fear, there are other options.

Depending on any number of factors, rather than holding one, full-time job, some older workers are content with working part time, or working more than one part-time position. In the same vein, one can pursue a temporary position – or a temp-to-perm position. They’re all options. But, that’s not for everybody.

Another option for many older workers is the concept of franchising. With literally thousands of franchises available, it’s more than possible you could find a match for you and your situation. However, as good as a franchise might be for some, they’re not for everybody.

It may take some soul searching and some time spent doing your homework to determine which path is right for you, but you may just find your next chapter just waiting for you.

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