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It’s a Process.

Job seeking is a process that must be worked through

➔ You most likely would not be too surprised to learn that a job search is a process. Start with your resume, go to networking, keep busy with applications, all with the intent of landing an interview. Or something along those lines.

Not surprisingly each step in the process has its own peculiar idiosyncrasies – some good, some… not so good.

Separating the wheat from the chaff

The application process in the 21st Century job search undeniably gone through some gut-wrenching changes. Just 40 years ago – during the Reagan administration – the concept of an online, digital job application was all but unheard of. Today, it’s more common than the common cold.

What have we learned about this new-age application process. Job search experts and some recruiters claim that if the application process is too hard, the employer is simply trying to screen out applicants. This is one reason that those same experts caution against putting too much stock and/or faith in the online job application.

On the other hand, they claim that if the interview process is extraordinarily intense, that could be a good thing. It may indicate that they are interested in you and are putting you to the test to determine if you’re up to the challenge.

Those candidates who are up to the challenge will respond with some form of “bring it on!” Those who do not, will likely fall to the wayside.

And what have we learned? For one thing, online applications – while not something to ignore – also are not something on which to depend as a leading tactic in your search. As for a difficult interview, it may indicate that the employer is sufficiently interested in you so as to invest a heightened level of time and trouble.


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