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It’s a Good Thing to Share

You have a lot to share as do the people you’re contacting

➔ Of course your mother always told you that it’s good to share. Share your toys. Share your lunch. And as you got older you continued to share… albeit different things, but you’ve probably never stopped sharing.

So why should your job search be any different?

There are many benefits all around

In your job search of course, you want to share the fact that you are, in fact, looking. The more people who know, the better.

Your contacts want you to share, to share as much as you possibly can. Share your resume. Share where else you’ve looked. Share what you’re looking for. Tell me more.

But let’s not forget the people with whom you’re sharing (or networking.) It’s only human to want to share. A contact’s “shares” can be very enlightening and/or helpful. They know things about their companies, the markets or industries where they work. Of course, what you really want them to share is their knowledge of any openings which may be suitable for you.

Anything and everything they share can be helpful in one way, shape or form. Which is why it’s extremely important to sharpen your listening skills and pay attention. You never know what nuggets might be out there.

Then again, there are other benefits to sharing. Let’s be frank. Contacting with people during a job search can be extremely stressful. But when you’re sharing information with your contacts you have a tendency to become more relaxed, more comfortable, more at ease.

When you reach that stage, networking becomes much more enjoyable and less like actual work… and you might learn something.


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