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How to come across as trustworthy

➔ Before beginning his iconic run as host of The Tonight Show, Johnny Carson hosted a daily quiz show “Who Do You Trust?” That same concept can be applied to being hired for a job. Essentially, the successful candidate is the one who the interviewer or hiring manager “trusts” to be the best person for the job.

There’s nothing earth shattering in that.

Basic Business

Then there is the other popular notion often displayed in signage in some various retail establishments: “In God We Trust. All others must pay cash.”

In courts of law, both prosecution and defense often rely on “expert” witnesses to make their respective cases. Why? Because the common belief is that an “expert” is someone who can be trusted.

Perhaps the best application of the concept of trust in your job search can be found in this quote from Dr. Benjamin Spock, “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

Doesn’t it seem logical then that to improve your chances of being hired you try to position yourself as an “expert” in whatever it is that you do? Everyone wants to hire an expert. In fact, the root of the word experience is expert.

Therein lies the connection with perhaps the older job seeker’s greatest and strongest selling point: experience. As the older candidate, almost by definition you have more experience. And in more experience there is a direct link to trust, being an expert and getting hired.

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