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I want!

Job seekers have certain expectations from the workplace. So do employers.

The typical response from a job seeker when asked “What are you looking for?” usually begins with “I want…” That should surprise no one.

From there the specifics vary, but they usually go something like this: “I want a job.” “I want a title.” (i.e. a director-level position) “I want (a certain amount of) money.” “I want a job at an employer from where I can retire.”

And this is not unusual among older job seekers, “I want to report to someone my age or older.” That is to say, I don’t want to report to “some kid who is still green behind the ears.”

It’s OK for job seekers to want things

It’s only natural for job seekers of any age to “want” certain things. Money. Position. Power. Those (and others) are all normal circumstances to seek.

But, at some point, you have to step back and ask yourself, “Are any of those ‘wants’ going to get me a job?” Although many job postings will include things such as “seeking to fill a director-level position,” “reports directly to top management,” “salary range of…” “experience with…” etc. But is that what the employer is really looking for?

Almost exclusively, when looking to add staff, employers are searching for someone who can solve a problem within their organization. They want problem solvers. They want someone who can fix things. They want someone who can ease their pain – whatever that pain may be.

When going in to meet with a potential employer, maybe you should put your “I wants” on the shelf and, instead, lead with “Here’s what I can do for you…” “Here’s how I can solve your problem…” Here’s how I can make your life easier, less stressful, more successful, etc.

In your job search, are you a “place holder” or a “problem solver”?


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