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Your experience counts for more than just years

With all the obstacles facing today’s older job seekers, the mightiest sword at their disposal to conquer the job market typically is their experience. As we all know, experience is not something that can be learned in school. There is only one way to gather experience and that is on the job.

Most older job seekers learn early on in their job searches that playing the experience card may be the most effective tactic that they can employ. Yet, there is one aspect of this powerful tool which sometimes may be overlooked.

Experience is a good thing. It typically encompasses years, even decades. But in most cases it can be more valuable than time served.

While older job seekers have experience in their work, they often have experience in several jobs, spread across several industries sometimes, in good times and in bad. It is this range of experience that reinforces the value brought to the table by today’s over 50 candidate.

Range of experience completes the 1-2 punch of breadth and depth of experience.

Experience can be horizontal as well as vertical – with vertical representing the length of service and the horizontal spreading applications over a multitude of situations and circumstances.

When asked about your experience, don’t think of it in terms of years of service. Look at your entire body of work. Length of service is good, range of experience greatly enhances your value to any potential employer.


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