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Have I Told You Lately…

The slow, inexorable return to normal

➔ There is little doubt that all the Covid craziness of the past couple of years has been a huge disrupter across the board. And job seeking was not spared one iota.

As if the 21st Century wasn’t turning the job search world upside down all on its own, along comes King Covid to push everything over the edge.

And the good news is…

Good news? You’re kidding, right?

Well, there’s little good to be said about the pandemic other than to say it finally seems as if it’s being put back in its place. Its place, of course, being firmly in the rear view mirror.

Slowly but surely things have been returning to normal. Yes, some places more than others, but even job seeking appears to have returned to what 30 months ago seemed like normal.

What does than mean for today’s job seeker? Normal is good. It may not seem that way if you’ve been searching for an extended period. While any time out of work may feel like an “extended period,” we’re talking here about months, not weeks.

If you’ve been looking for months, with summer over, this may be a good time to devote some of your job search to circling back to your contacts, former colleagues, and letting them know that you’re still looking and is there any news or updates that they can give you to aid in your search. Hard to believe, but these people do have their own lives and issues, and they may have – not in a mean, spiteful or disrespectful way – just forgotten about you and your job search. You need to keep reminding them. You need to stay on their radars.

If they haven’t heard from you in a while, they may have assumed that you landed a position and don’t need their help any more. They won’t know that you’re still looking, if you don’t tell them.


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