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Guest Blog: Focus Point

by Alan Weiss,Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

I coach people globally almost every day, as well as run virtual workshops via Zoom (though I do look forward to hitting the road again sometime soon). Here's what I've found are the traits and habits of professional services providers and entrepreneurs as well as job seekers who have been most successful over the past six pandemic-restricted months.

• Perspective and optimism. They do not see the sky falling. They are more like Paul Revere than Chicken Little. Disney, Revlon, Netflix, Apple, and a host of powerful companies and ideas were launched during very tough times.

• New and innovative approaches to existing ones. They are assertive in providing value, as Machiavelli said, "which suits the manner of the times."

• They offer help, not projects. They ask simply, "How can I be of help?" As George Merck admonished, "Do good and good will follow."

• Fearlessness in calling and contacting buyers companies, colleagues and recommenders. This is a pelucid differentiator. When I ask, "Did you call 15 people since last week?" the best say, "I called 25" and the worst say, "I didn't get around to it."

• They use resources wisely. There were savings or other assets set aside or there were readily liquid investments if needed.

• Finally, they had a formal or (more likely) informal community. People were accustomed to talking, to meeting, to gaining value and insights. There was no need to try to construct one when people were already distracted. In fact, the community was a "go to" source for help and support.

Nothing magical here, just talent, discipline, and working smart, pandemic or no pandemic.


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