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Going Au Naturel

Veracity and genuineness go beyond the resume

This is so obvious no one should even have to say it. Lying on your resume (or even exaggerating or embellishing the truth) could be the dumbest thing you could on your job search. Do you really think you’ll never be found out?

But there is another kind of truthfulness you should strive to exhibit throughout your job search. Whether you’re looking at an actual job interview, an informational interview or just a one-on-one coffee chat, just be yourself. After all, in your job search, aren’t you trying to sell yourself – and not some concocted version of yourself that you imagine someone wants to see?

Showcasing the real you

There are any number of so-called experts who have invented some trite, predictable and staged format on how you should respond to questions and inquiries.

One of our favorites is, when asked, “What do you do?” they don’t want you to respond with “I’m an accountant.” Or, “I’m in marketing.” Oh no. That would be too simple and straightforward. They claim that it would be better to say something like, “I solve complex problems for large and mid-size companies…” That couldn’t sound more pretentious if that was your intent.

Canned phrases like that sound phony, insecure and impersonal. Is that how you want to sound? Or, would you rather just be yourself? “I’m Bob. I’m a turnaround consultant.” That’s an answer that the person to whom you’re speaking can identify with; that they can relate to. It’s to the point and stripped of any extraneous puffery.

Be yourself. After all, that’s the person that ultimately will get the job.


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