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Go With Your Strength

When competing for a job, hit ‘em with your best shot

➔ Looking for a job is at its heart a competition. Except for the rarest of cases, every time you apply for a job, you are immediately in competition with an unknown number of other candidates.

Some of those candidates may be highly educated. Some may be quite smart. Some may be exceptionally personable. No doubt they all have some outstanding qualities.

At the end of the day

Of course you really don’t know what the employer’s priorities are when it comes to filling that position – except for the fact that they want the best person for the job. As an older job seeker, what will invariably separate you from the pack of candidates to make yourself the best person for the job? What is it that you have – and have more of – that most all of your competing candidates?

You’re an older job seeker. You’ve been around the block a few times. You may not have seen it all, but you’ve seen quite a bit. And you’ve probably seen quite a bit more than the other candidates.

So what will make you stand out in that crowd? Experience. By the very nature that you’re older than most, you’ve probably worked more and worked longer than your competitors. And with that experience, you should

have a leg up when it comes to being the best person for the job.

Yes, we live in an information age, a technological age. That’s all very important. But experience gives you the critical difference. And as the man in this short video says, “You can’t Google experience.”


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