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When tech goes bad

➔ Is there anything more frustrating for a job seeker than having to deal with all the technology surrounding today’s job search? You submit your resume to the ATS (automated tracking system), but, depending on the system, you may not even know for certain that the resume has gone through and been accepted electronically, much less ever reviewed by an living, breathing human being.

And, if you’re an older applicant who is not comfortable with the technology, your frustration is amplified all the more.

But wait! There’s more!

As if all that isn’t bad enough, what are you expected to do when their ATS goes down? You didn’t feel good about submitting your resume online and now you can’t even do that.

But there is a silver lining to that technological tripwire.

When their ATS is down, you now have the perfect excuse to go rogue – or, to go back to basics. It’s called, “pick up the phone.” Gee, Mr. Employer, I tried to submit my resume electronically liked you prefer, but your system is down so I thought I’d call instead.

In sales parlance, that’s what known as the foot in the door. Now you have the chance to approach the employer on a playing field with which you’re more comfortable and one where you may have a better chance to emphasize your strengths rather being rejected for some keyword glitch.

Another possibility

If you are having trouble connecting with an employer’s ATS, there might be another problem – especially if you’ve checked and their system is working fine. It could be your internet browser. Browsers have been know to develop inexplicable hiccups where they won’t work with certain websites.

Open a different browser and try again. If you’re using Google Chrome, close and try Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, or Brave, or DuckDuckGo… or another browser. There are many. And one of them may get you past the gatekeeper.

Sometimes technology giveth, and sometimes technology taketh away.


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