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Getting Your Head out of the Clouds

Mastering the Online Job Application

➔ Sometimes, to master something new – such as online job applications – it helps to take a step or two back and review the environment.

The first item on your checklist is having the necessary implements to forge your place in the mystical world. A computer or similar device (obviously). An email address (don’t leave home without it). An internet connection (did we need to say that?). An electronic version of your resume (a critical element).

But that’s just the beginning

Assuming that you have all the tools, your first assignment is to carefully read the job description. In it, you’ll find “keywords” which will describe the job in detail. Whatever you submit to apply, must have at least some of those keywords to make it pass the first cut. Similarly, a cover letter (if that employer accepts them, these days some do not) targeted at that job will help you beat the odds.

Posting your electronic resume directly to jobs boards will help simplify the process and may even uncover an opportunity of which you’re not aware.

When filling out an online application, be very careful to follow their directions precisely. Any misinterpretation may cause your resume to be rejected.

Polish off your eyeglass. There are many venues through which you can search for job openings. Behemoths such as LinkedIn offer the opportunity to search for openings as do “career” pages on the websites of some smaller companies.

As with many things, there is much more to online job seeking than what meets the eye. This gives you a basic primer on how to get started. Others such as,, and even Google offer help as well.

With so many different kinds of employer software scanning and sorting the (literally) hundreds resumes and applications, it’s difficult to create a one-size-fits-all “playbook,” but generally following these guidelines should enhance your chances for success.


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