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Filling the Vacuum

No one likes to lose, however…

➔ There may be nothing more discouraging for any job seeker than to discover that you were passed over for another candidate. This is especially troubling when you know that you were among the finalists.

Although that may feel like a punch in the gut (understandably so), there is another side to that now-tarnished coin.

Put on your detective’s cap

Let’s take a step back and look at the situation. First, you didn’t get the job. Yeah, that sucks. Second, that means that someone else was chosen over you. (Well, duh!) Third, something that you thought was a hot opportunity is now gone, leaving you with nothing. Right? Not quite.

If you ask the right person the right way, you should be able to find out who was selected over you. Once you know that, a simple LinkedIn search should tell you where that individual was working – or is about to leave. (Granted, that person may have been unemployed just like you, but that’s not necessarily so.)

What does this have to do with you? Simple. If that person has accepted the job that you wanted, that means that their old job soon will be open. If that’s the case, who – other than you – should be first in line to apply for that person’s old job?

Of course, we’re assuming that their old job is similar to their new job which means that, if you were interested and qualified for their new job, you also should be qualified for their old one. What a coincidence! Just as they’re leaving, you walk in.

One door closes, another opens.


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