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Don’t Stop

Why stop doing the one thing most likely to get you a job

➔ Over the years there has been a lot of research looking at the importance of networking in the typical job search. While findings vary, the consensus seems to land at around of 80 percent of all jobs are filled through some level of connections or networking.

In this space time and time again we’ve stressed the importance of networking. Not only do we staunchly believe that, all of the job search professionals with whom we’ve spoken echo those sentiments as well.

Pedal to the metal

We also have used this space to encourage job seekers to never let up on their job searches. Even during the summer when business matters tend to slow. Even during the holidays when those individuals who have jobs tend to be distracted by a myriad of events and activities, and don’t seem to be devoting their primary attention to business and especially upon employment.

Even then, the ardent job seeker keeps pushing.

When it comes to networking – given the paramount importance networking plays in the typical job search – doesn’t it logically follow that the same basic truth would hold true? The unsuccessful job seeker will be the first to point to “the economy,” “the job market,” “the business cycle” or some other such excuse to forgo networking.

Just as it’s not wise to curtail job seeking activities during slow periods, abandoning networking holds the same fate. Regardless of the economy, or the job market, or observations such as “no one is hiring now,” it never makes sense to cut back on your networking.

The benefits of expanding your networking may be more critical to older job seeker who is starting off with a larger base of business contacts. The longer that you’ve been employed, the more contacts you have. The more contacts you have, the greater the return on your networking efforts.

The successful job seeker never stops contacting, meeting, researching, reaching out, etc. in order to make that one more contact who might lead to a new position.


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