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Don’t Restrict Yourself

To appreciate the sunrise, you must broaden your horizons

➔ How many times have you had a server in a restaurant read the daily specials to you? They’re not in the printed menu; they’re not posted on a display anywhere. But they exist and you just may want to order one. After all, why restrict yourself to simply what’s on the printed menu?

The job market is not all that different. If you’re actively looking, you’re looking at all the jobs boards; you’re talking to friends; you’re checking websites. But is that enough? Are you restricting your job search by only seeking out those jobs that are posted?

In the pre-Internet dark ages, it was said that 90 percent of all jobs never appeared in the newspaper want ads. While that percent may sound high, in all probability it also was probably pretty accurate. Which begs the question: what percentage of jobs today are actually posted somewhere… anywhere?

Today, there are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes that may cause jobs (current open jobs as well as potential or upcoming openings) not to be posted. Consider:

  • If someone is about to be let go, to prevent that individual of learning about their imminent professional demise, that job most likely will not be posted.

  • What if someone is planning to go on some form of leave of absence? It probably won’t be posted anywhere.

  • What about the trailing spouse whose significant other is being transferred in three months? It’s also likely that job may not be posted.

We’re confident that you could probably think of any number of other reasons as to why a job, or potential job opening, won’t be posted anywhere. The good news is that recruiters – good recruiters who maintain regular and/or constant contact with employers – will probably learn of many of these… and share them with you when appropriate.

Sometimes the tastiest job openings are not on anyone’s posted menu. And you wouldn’t want to restrict yourself solely to the menu, would you? There may be nothing more serendipitous than when they’re leaving, you walk in.


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