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Don’t Fence Me In

Remember, it’s your job search

The emotions and feelings that overwhelm an individual during a job search are numerous and varied. Whatever you’re experiencing, it can be crushing – maybe even clinical depending on your circumstances.

One thing many job seekers report is a feeling of a loss of control over their lives, their careers, their families, etc. It can be an all too true feeling.

In today’s job-search world, knowing that the workforce and the process have changed can be debilitating. Unfortunately those changes are true. The good news, however, is that those are changes that can be overcome. Learning how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, learning how to navigate the world of ATS (automated tracking systems) are tactics that every job seeker today can master.

What about the fear of rejection? Regardless of how real that fear may be, it’s nothing compared with trying to deal with actual reality of rejection. Being turned down for a position that you felt you had a good chance at landing, can be a crushing blow.

Is there any good news out there?

That depends. And mostly it depends on you. Maybe you had no control over losing your job, but you do have total control over what happens to you next. Yes, you even retain control when you’ve been rejected.

Here’s a news flash. You’ve been rejected? You’re not alone. If the company narrowed its search to three candidates (of which you were one) and you were not selected, you’re in the majority. Of the three candidates, two were rejected and one wasn’t.

And if you’re actively job searching, you will be rejected – quite possibly more than once. Quite possibly, several times. The smart, effective, efficient job seeker maintains many irons in the fire. If you’re rejected, it’s up to you where you look next; which company will be your next target, etc.

It’s all up to you. It’s up to you to keep searching, keep networking, keep applying. The bottom line is: don’t let someone else establish your boundaries.


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