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Don’t Believe It

Predictions are like the nose on your face – Everyone has one

With the implementation of the various vaccine programs, it appears that our lifestyles – and the economy – may begin to start loosening up in the not too distant future.

Along with that budding optimism has come an avalanche of predictions as to what the post-pandemic workplace will look like. The good news is that out of the hundreds of prognostications being floated, one of them will be right.

The bad news is that no one knows which one seer will get it right and that 99.99 percent of the predictions will be wrong. This is an event almost without parallel in our history, all of which means that there is no reliable information, data, circumstances, etc., from which any future can be foretold.

The bad news for job seekers is that, among the wrong answers, no one knows what hiring will look like; when, or if, it will return to pre-pandemic levels; and how employers will go about filling positions. Again, there is some good news. Some recruiters claim that things have begun to pick up. Others say that there are jobs needing to be filled, but as one recruiter stated, “No one wants to be the tip of the spear.”

When will hiring activity return to normal? Who knows? Having experienced business without full staffs, will employers ever return to what was considered full staffing? Who knows? Will most jobs end up as work-from-home positions? Who knows? Will current employees who have worked from home, ever return to the office? Who knows?

The best advice? Take all predictions with a grain of salt.


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