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Does Anybody Really Care?

As you navigate the job-search world, different people have different motivations

If you’re doing a good job in your job search, you’re meeting a lot of people – some for the first time, for some it’s a reconnection. And you’re probably finding them through a variety of avenues – live and online networking as well as LinkedIn and other social media, etc.

Many of these people – for whatever reason or motivation – will have a genuine interest in helping you. They want you to succeed. They want you to do well. For what goes around, comes around. Someday, they may need you.

Others are more self-motivated in their dealings with you

Take the job interviewer. Does that person really care if you get that job or any other job? In the end, probably not. What they are interested in, however, is filling a need the company has. You’re the potential aspirin for their headaches.

Once that particular position is filled, it’s time to move on to the next one. And they hope that you work out – not because they have an empathetic interest in your personal success. No, they just don’t want to have go through the process again of re-filling your position.

Recruiters, on the other hand, work hand-in-hand with you. They touch you on a personal level. But do they care so much about you, or is their motivation somewhere else as well.

Recruiters aren't paid to fill jobs. They're paid to find people – the right people. They don't care about YOU. They care about filling that job. They care about someone who has the right skills for that position. They care about making that match so that they can collect their fees.

While some of this may sound cruel, it is the reality of the world – a world that is especially difficult to navigate for the older job seeker.


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