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Do You Know Who Your Friends Are?

When you’re in a job search it’s good to know who you can count on

➔ As tough as a job search is, it’s immeasurably tougher when you don’t have any friends to help you. Do you know who your “job search” friends are?

When asked, most every job seeker should be able to name a few of those “friends” without much thought or reflection. People in your network – Sure. Even beyond those who might be connected to you through LinkedIn.

If you sat down and really thought about it, you would probably come up any number of people whose paths you’ve crossed professionally; people who know you, your work and your capabilities. If they’re not in your LinkedIn network, maybe they should be. Nonetheless, they can be valuable friends.

When assembling that group, don’t overlook former co-workers and vendors with whom you interacted over the years. Add them to your list.

Any and all recruiters with whom you’ve worked, or are working qualify big time. These are people who go beyond friends and supporters. These are people who are your advocates. Keep them close.

A very good friend to all job seekers, someone who is often overlooked is your local librarian. These are people who know where the bodies are buried (so to speak.) When you’re struggling with something such as how to find a company, where to locate some data, your librarian (and your local library) are invaluable.

Although there are others, we’ll close this list with another group who you might taken for granted. That’s your family. Your spouse works with people and knows other people professionally. It’s mark of shame to let them all know that you’re looking.

In all of life’s challenges, it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. And this includes your job search.


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