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Do You Have What it Takes to be An Action Figure?

Actions speak louder than words, Job Seeker

➔ Words are important. That’s a given. Words have meaning and emotion. Words can convince and cajole; they can persuade and promote; they can convey action and accomplishment.

As a job seeker, the words you use can make or break your efforts to land a position – especially a position that you desperately desire. No one can doubt the importance of your spoken words, but for job seekers, the written words can have a profound effect on your search.

The opportunities are several and crucial. Cover letters. Resumes. LinkedIn profiles. Social media postings. Thank you notes. In each of those arenas, your words don’t represent you, they ARE you.

Let’s take a quick look at how you present yourself through your words.

When describing your past positions, do you say things like: “I was the territory manager.” “I held the position of administrative assistant.” Or, are you an action figure, using action words – words that typically end in “ed.” Words like: delivered, devised, managed, established, performed, created, improved, maintained, conducted, facilitated, achieved, designed, reduced, implemented, recruited, trained, executed, coached, increased and guided.

These are words that convey action, results. And that is precisely what many hiring managers are desperately seeking: People who can do things. People who have done things. People who can get things done at our company after we hire them. And don’t kid yourself, although the people reviewing your resume may not consciously realize it, they do notice the difference,

We seem to talk a lot about how the job search process has changed. And it has. Dramatically. But yet, there are things about the job search that just as true today as they were 20, 30 and even 40 years ago.

One of those constants is that prospective employers are looking for “can-do” candidates. People who did things, accomplished things at their past jobs and who indicate that they will do the same for me – their new employer.


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