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Danger Will Robinson

Don’t allow your job search to become “Lost in Space”

➔ There are a lot of things in modern culture that have – intentionally or not – profound meanings. “Danger Will Robinson” dates back to the 1960s television series “Lost in Space.” It was an alert to the youngest cast member.

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, “What in the world does this have to do with my job search?” Allow us to connect the dots.

Dangers are everywhere

The summer season is upon us. Nice weather. Kids off from school. So much to do and so nice to do it outside. In short, during the summer it’s so easy to become distracted. And in your case, we’re talking about getting distracted from your job search.

Not following up when you said you would. Not being punctual. Not being thorough. Not doing all the little things that you need to do to keep your job search on track because there are just too many darned distractions during the summer.

A very wise recruiter friend said not long ago, ““What sets disciplined people apart? The capacity to get past distractions, to focus on the task at hand.”

That may be your biggest challenge over the next few months. With all that summer has to offer, it’s very easy to put tasks essential to your job search on the back burner.

That’s not a good idea. That may be truer than ever this year in particular when the job market is probably hotter than the weather. But staying focused, staying on task will pay benefits which will enable you to have a hot time in the old town tonight!


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