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Control Freak

Contrary to what you may think, you can control your job search

➔ When you had your job it was easy to believe that you were in total control of the situation – not just at work, but in your personal life as well.

Then the bottom falls out. After years of steady work and predictable turns, suddenly it’s gone. Your life has been turned upside down and inside out. You’re totally out of control.

Get a grip

It’s completely understandable to appreciate your feeling of being out of control. No job to go to. No income coming in. No real idea as to when you may find that next position.

Unless you allow to become that, it’s not total chaos. At times it may not seem that way, but you still have control of your destiny. That’s not to say that you may not need and/or want help, because you very likely will. But ultimately, it’s your game.

Let’s review. We’ll start with your personal brand. No employer is going to create that for you. But you can. Who will make the decision(s) as to where you’re going to look – geographically, by market, by industry, etc.? You may get a lot of input from outside sources, but the final decision is still up to you. And who will determine how much time, energy and effort that you’ll put into your job search? You should probably know the answer to that one.

Despite your feelings of loss of control in your professional, and in many cases, your personal life as well, the ultimate roll of the dice is in your hands. In your control.


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