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Come September… Or, Sooner

Will jobs groups resume live meetings soon?

The word on the street is that many groups – jobs groups and networking groups – are planning to return to live events. The general consensus is that those events will start in September, but some have already shed the Covid cloak and are meeting in person.

In case you’ve forgotten, although there are many similarities, networking in person is a different game from that online version you’re just now beginning to master.

Are you ready to abandon (at least temporarily) online networking to return to the old face-to-face?

There are numerous things to keep in mind when networking live. Some are common sense. Some you may have just forgot. Some may need to brush up on.

Live or virtual, according to Inc. Magazine, no one likes being networked. “It just feels contrived.” Remember that you’re trying to create a relationship with that other person. Maintain a genuine curiosity about them and what they do. And listen! If for no other reason, because not many people do it.

For yourself, tell your story. Don’t recite your resume. If they’re interested, there will be a time and place for that.

Be sure to introduce yourself. They may want to meet you as much as you want to meet them. Think about your name tag. How are other people filling theirs out? First name only?

Now that you’re there. Where should you stand? Experts say to not stand by the door. No one wants to “chat” as soon as they walk in. Some people advise networkers to stand where people exit the bar. They already have their drinks.

You didn’t need them online, but at a live event, you’ll need some business cards. Make certain that they are presentable, readable and up-to-date.

And don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be standing a lot.


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