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Remote jobs add an entirely new wrinkle to job seeking

➔ It used to be that there was a not insignificant number of workers who were totally distraught over the work environment, who just wanted to “get away.” Well, along comes the pandemic and the move toward remote working and their prayers were answered. Almost.

First of all, although many reveled in the circumstances, many remote workers found that working from home wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. They either found that they didn’t like as much as they thought they would, or they found that they weren’t good at it.

The same holds true for job seekers

As you slog through your job search, many of you no doubt you will encounter an opening that involves remote work (or at least a hybrid position.) As you consider it, there are several things to keep in mind. Everything we just said about remote jobs most likely will apply to the remote job(s) you’re contemplating.

While research on the topic is just beginning emerge, some things seem to stand out. One is competition. Whenever a job is advertised as remote, the number of applicants soars. That shouldn’t be surprising. Candidates who were competing for a job in Chicago, suddenly find themselves going up against job seekers from Minneapolis, Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City and beyond. You’ll need to sharpen your sword to succeed in that fight.

One recruiter we know speculates that, when the next round of layoffs comes (Despite the current job market, the next round is coming. It’s just a question of when.) remote workers will be the first to go. That’s not something that is set in stone, and no one can predict the future, but it is something to consider.

One final thought: it’s much like being an entrepreneur. It may sound appealing, but it isn’t for everyone. It takes a special mindset to perform in that environment and not everyone has it.


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