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You can never know your presentation too well

The National Football League’s Cleveland Browns recently hired Freddie Kitchens as their new head coach. During his introductory press conference, he – intentionally or not – had great advice for job seekers everywhere.

Just because his is a high profile job, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t have to endure a grueling job interview. That doesn’t mean that he didn’t have to prepare for that interview. Granted, given his particular job, he probably didn’t do the same kind of preparation that you, a typical job seeker, would do. But all the same, it was preparation and he indicated that he did it well. Well, well enough to land the job.

In his introductory remarks he stated that he – with the help of his daughters – had prepared a PowerPoint presentation for his interview. He never really led on as to what precisely was in that presentation, but he stated that he had it with him going into the interview.

He went on to say that he studied that PowerPoint so well, he knew the information that was contained in his presentation so well, that he never actually used it. Presumably he invested a lot of time in assembling that presentation. So why not use it?

He didn’t use it because he didn’t need it. He had studied it so well and had learned its contents so thoroughly that he didn’t need to rely on it. The by-product of his homework and his preparation was that he was so confident in his grasp of the information there, he was able to speak to it directly – without any assistance.

Want to come across as extremely confident during your next interview? Follow Coach Kitchens lead. When you know your material so thoroughly that you don’t need the crutch of a PowerPoint presentation, you will present yourself as confident, knowledgeable and ready to tackle any task.


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