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Big Brother is Watching

Info is everywhere… on everyone

➔ Job seeking today is so different in so many different ways. Unless you’re brand new to the job search game, that shouldn’t be news. And we shouldn’t have to recount all the ways that it is different from the last time you were out looking… maybe a couple of decades ago.

There is so much to learn

While all those in the job search industry constantly preach the importance of doing your homework on a company, a job – even your interviewer, there is one aspect of the process that is sometimes overlooked.

Just as you have the ability to do a “deep dive” into the company, etc., so too do they have the ability to do a deep dive on you.

Of course the 600-pound gorilla in that room is social media. The one thing that always comes to the forefront is how imperative it is to cleanse your social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – whatever online toys you like to play with may hold sins from your past that you may not want to share with a prospective employer – and for good reason.

But wait! There’s more. Perhaps the most important online asset from the perspective of the job seeker is LinkedIn. As useful and powerful as it is for the job seeker, it is just as powerful for the recruiter, the interviewer, the hiring manager, etc. Be sure to scour it with a fine-tooth comb.

It’s best to remain keenly aware of the volume of information there is about you online. Not convinced? Trying “Googling” yourself and see what warts surface from your past.

Just as there are tools and information for you to learn more about them, also readily available are tools and information for them to learn about you.


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