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Baring Your Soul

Interviewing is the lynchpin of any job search

➔ Job seekers of any age, but especially those who are a little long in the tooth (re: older), know the importance of the job interview. At the end of the day, it’s your performance in the interview which will tip the scales in your favor or against you.

As daunting and as intimidating as the interview may be, there is good news. The good news is that successful interviewing is a skill and, just like most skills, it can be learned.

“There’s not a class you can take…”

The bad news is that successful interviewing is not a skill you can learn in a classroom. In real estate, they have a saying, “Location. Location. Location.” Something similar could be said about interviewing, “Practice. Practice. Practice.”

Of course there is no practice like the real thing. This is why many recruiters and HR personnel advise job seekers to go on any and all interviews that come their way. Even if you have no interest whatsoever in the job, the interview is a great opportunity to practice your interviewing skills.

Rehearse your answers to the most likely questions in the shower; in the car; while you’re waiting in the outer office. Every chance you can get.

Of course, there is nothing like live practice. Points to you if you have a job search buddy with whom you can practice. Or a family member. Worst case scenario, if you’re that desperate for friends, you can practice on yourself, by yourself. A mirror can be a good friend.

In this day and age, video can be a practice buddy as well. While a video camera may be best, you may be able to record yourself through your computer’s camera and microphone. Or, if you must, use the video camera in your phone.

Something is better than nothing.


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