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Back to School

If kids are going back to school, maybe you should too

➔ Your kids – or maybe your grand kids – are back in school. It is that time of year.

Maybe it’s appropriate for you to take a cue from the kids and reenter the fray. With households now at peace, job seekers can use the tranquility to re-focus and to re-energize your job searches.

No disruptions. No outside interference.

Without the many distractions that seem to naturally surround kids, job seekers can return to the matter at hand – finding a job. Not only can you work an arguably unrestricted schedule, you also can schedule networking meetings and even actual job interviews without having to check kid commitments first.

And, depending on your household, you won’t have to wait, to barter and to fight over access to computers, wi-fi bandwidth and other devices.

Don’t stop there

Of course you also can follow the kids come the fall and actually go back to school yourself.

It’s not unusual for older workers to not keep up with the latest technology. From hardware to software to apps, there is always something new to learn. Fortunately for you, there are many places to partake of that learning – some might even be within walking distance of your home.

With much looser Covid restrictions, many local libraries (and branches) are in the process of rolling out their fall schedules of classes for adult learners. Need help with latest version of Microsoft Word? Excel? Libraries are famous for beginner to expert classes on any variety of software. And, if your neighborhood library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, another nearby branch just might. The best part? Most are free or at minimal cost.

For the more ambitious, much advanced training is available through local community colleges. There may be fees involved at this level, but there also may be the possibility of obtaining official certification – something which looks very good for a variety of reasons on your resume.

If you’re too shy to venture out for a class, the internet hosts an endless lineup of tutorials, webinars and courses. A simple search of YouTube will unveil more training than you can imagine. There is a caveat here however, not all online training is created equal. Some tutorials and courses are quite good, but some are absolutely dreadful. Be sure to do your homework.

While the kids are back to school, you can be right there with them. And you can all do your homework together.


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